Sometimes text is just not enough when you need to explain your requirements while showing them at the same time.For these types of situations we encourage you to use this free Chrome extension that allows you to record free videos of your screen and audio to better explain and show what you need. 

This extension will then generate a shareable link. Send that to us and we'll see your video. No technical knowledge needed and the app is free to use. See this short 3 minute video for how incredibly easy it is to use:

This is a better way to collaborate remotely because everyone can see the video on their own time. You can share it between collegues to analyze internally and review multiple times if necessary. This is particularly important for us since we need to share our client's requests with several team members and/or departments. This way all our team can see the same information, directly provided by you.

After using this tool a couple of times you wil find it to be extremely useful and efficient while working with us and even with your own organization.