Revisions are requests made by you to make certain changes in the delivered design of your theme in order to get closer to the visual styles and layout you want.

Remember that Shopify Stores are built with Themes, which come with a set of built-in options to configure to achieve a certain look. No code editing is required to configure any Shopify Theme, so our revisions include any type of configuration you want us to do or change to the theme that is already part of the theme's built-in options. That is why revisions don't include any type of code editing. If you request a change that can only be achieved through development, we will provide a quote for that.

Some examples of the things you can ask during a Revision are:

  • Add/remove/rearrange sections
  • Change text
  • Change images
  • Change navigation menu links
  • Change colors
  • Change fonts
  • Change collections or products
  • Activate or deactivate functionality that is available in your theme (examples: popup, newsletter, currency conversion, mega menu).

Each theme is different, so the built-in configurable options vary from one theme to another, however, this is a general idea of the things that can be changed. In all cases, we will let you know if your request can be done by simply configuring the theme or if it can't. For these cases, we can offer a quote for code editing.

Once the revision process has started you have 1 natural month to finish with all revisions or they will expire. There will be no refunds for unused revisions.