It’s a fact that the better the request, the better and faster our team of Experts are able to do the work. With that in mind, we have created a sample document to help you explain your requests better.

Download sample document here

A Request file can have several individual tasks. When sharing your Request with us, you'll want to be as descriptive as possible for each of the tasks included in your Request. Tell us exactly what you want done. The more information, the better. You want your Expert to have a very clear idea of what you want done. If your request is vague or not detailed enough, the Expert might get confused and may force him or her to guess or interpret your request. This will lead to more tries and therefore, more time, to take it to what you have originally envisioned. To avoid delays and allow us to work more efficiently for you, be as clear and detailed as possible, while always providing as much samples as you can.

Remember, your designer is NOT a mind-reader. Give a ton of examples via uploads or providing links. Tell your designer what you love AND what you hate.

Take your Request to another level

Using only text to communicate visual tastes and preferences can be tricky and misleading. For these situations, we suggest you use a free Chrome extension that allows you to record free videos of your screen and your audio it automatically generates a shareable link to share with us.

This extension is extremely easy to use, requires no technical knowledge and it allows us to work faster and easily during all our projects.

You can have it installed in your computer in 30 seconds, and it's free to use. Get the free Google Chrome extension here

Read more here about how it's used to collaborate on design projects and, really, any other type of project where you need to get your ideas across faster

Pro Tip: Use videos to explain more details for a task that is hard to explain with only text and links, or when you need to explain how a functionality must work, or a complex workflow for a project.